Shared Experiences

Here at Synergy Group Services we quote on our website and to our clients “we have been there as a family, now let us help you with yours.” We stress this point because we believe that our experiences and our trials and tribulations in overcoming addiction in our family systems, has given us credence to help others at our Florida addiction treatment center.

Many of us have leveraged our experiences as motivations to get professional credentials in the field of addiction treatment. On staff we have medical doctors, social workers, dieticians, therapists and acupuncturists and other specialists. The combination of personal experience with professional training makes us excellent at what we do.

We are able to relate to your experiences – whether it is related to trauma, depression, anxiety, isolation, secrecy, dishonesty, guilt or shame and are able to provide you with solutions and tools to overcome the pain associated with those experiences. It is because we have shared and overcome the toughest of  experiences that we have the passion to help others through it.

This passion is evident in any warrior who has overcome a great feat – and this was largely evident in those who went to help the Boston bombing victims. Groups of war amputees visited several Boston hospitals to share their experience, strength and hope with those who had just lost limbs. No matter what they were told about the utility of prosthetics, the Boston bombing victims needed to hear it from those who were just like them. No one is better suited to help another that one who has gone through what the other is going through. This picture tweeted by Boston Medical Center with the caption “on their way to meet with patients and their families” reflects that service:

Boston Veteran Amputees Service
Photo Credit: Boston Medical Center

These veteran amputees are best suited to help victims that lost their limbs just as cancer survivors are best suited to help other cancer patients and those recovering from addiction themselves or in their family are best suited to help those suffering from addiction.

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