Skip the Trip to Detox.

20 years ago hospitals were filled with patients. Patients would go to their Doctor and say they just needed to go into the hospital for a couple days of rest. Doctors would tell patients that they would be admitted to the hospital for a couple of days to “run some tests” Today hospitals are mostly empty. Illnesses that were once thought to be so serious that constant observation was surely needed in the hospital are now treated completely as outpatients.

Fast forward to the standard of care for detox in 2008 and you will find that there is no need for anyone to be admitted to a detox center. Thanks to a better understanding of the detox process and the medications needed to keep a patient comfortable and detox can be done either at home or right in a rehab treatment center skipping the need for inpatient detox. Perhaps the greatest vehicle used to facilitate outpatient detox is Suboxone. Often referred to as expensive Methadone, Suboxone is in a class by itself. Head and shoulders above Methadone. Suboxone allows you to take control of your addiction as early as day 1 and clearly by day 3 at the latest. Recent data confirms that long term Suboxone use is far superior to short term use with regards to overall treatment success (maintenance of sobriety). Inpatient detox centers who insists on coming off your Suboxone in 5 days could not be making a bigger mistake and are proving that they are in fact inferior to outpatient detox programs.

So do yourself a favor and skip a trip to detox–shop for a Suboxone doc instead.

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