Spirituality; who needs it?

We all do! Even if you are an atheist. But what does it mean? How does spirituality play any role in my rehabilitation? If there really is a “God” why did he let this happen to me? Where was He when I was alone and drunk or using and out of control?

The questions are easy. The answers are harder. Spirituality is not about God. It is about inner peace. It is about achieve a thought process which is healthy rather than destructive. If a belief in God allows you to achieve that peace then so be it. But a belief in God is not a prerequisite to being spiritual. Nor does a belief in any higher power. My apologies to those who are staunch 12 step supporters. For many you need go no higher than your own cognitive thoughts; to your own prefrontal cortex. Spirituality means taking responsibility for your thoughts and your actions and holding your self responsible for your own behavior to the degree that you are willing to set a course for your life which honorable and respectable. One in which you can be proud of your thinking and your actions–even if no one is around to see them. It is character which best benefits form spirituality because when there is peace then all good things flow from there. Remember that character is defined by own actions when no one is watching. If you can proud of those actions then your character is intact.

In reality a belief in God can have both a negative and positive impact on spirituality and character. An extremist member of Jihad would tell you that it is his belief in God that justifies his behavior. Yet most of us would say that only a revengeful god would condone that sort of behavior and there is no room for a revengeful god in the life of someone who is truly spiritual. Spirituality equates in my mind with peace. If your god gives you that peace then He will be an important and helpful participant in your spirituality. If not then you need to check that god at the door and take a fresher look at what will help you change your dynamics.

Religious or not spirituality plays a large role in assisting you on your path to sobriety. Peaceful thought leads to peaceful behavior. Spirituality is contradictory to addiction. Make spirituality an important part of you rehabilitation program.

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