Squeeze Life

“Don’t waste any days.” “Stop and smell the roses.” “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” “Life is short.”

Choose your saying. They all add up to the same thing; Squeeze life. This is not a dress rehearsal. You certainly cannot push the rewind button. And there are no second chances to make a first impression. So while I am not saying that we can always get it right every time the first time, I am saying that we should try. There are many things in life that we have no control over and therefore we should not worry about what we cannot control. But the one think we can control, the one area where we always have a choice is our attitude. Our outlook on life, and the way that we approach everyday and everything in that day, is what defines us. It is really very simple. Happy or sad. Positive or negative. Selfless or selfish. Caring or not. Half empty or half full.

Those who are on the negative side of each of the above often say they have no choice. How can they be positive or cheerful. Just look at what is happening in their lives. They have no luck. It is not a matter of luck. It is one of design. consciously or unconsciously these type of people have chartered a course in their lives where there is no other option but to have bad things happen. Why; because negative thinking creates negative action in your life.

Positive people on the other hand have it quite the opposite. all good things come from those who are content. have you ever met someone who was rich and miserable or poor and happy. Of course you have. the difference is outlook and contentment.

With that in mind I would suggest that those who are content and positive and happy waste no days in their lives. Life is indeed short and those around us will be better served in all ways if we choose to live our lives to the fullest. Particularly as parents we can give our children no greater gift than that of a positive outlook and the commitment that we will live our lives to the fullest. That is the greatest legacy that we can leave. Negativity is a cancer and hope is the cure.

If you die today, regardless of your age, will those closest to you say that you were cheated? If the answer is yes–you wasted too many days. You failed to squeeze life.

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