Sunday; No Time to Rest

It’s Sunday. A day of rest. Yeah right!

Addiction does not take a day off. It is relentless and tireless. It never keeps moving. It never gives you a break. It wears you down and it becomes increasingly more difficult to stop the momentum. Becoming an addict is never a conscious choice. The use of drugs is, but becoming an addict is not. There are those who do not believe this. They are typically the same ones who believe that homosexuality is a choice. It is not. Who would possibly choose such a devastating world as the world of addiction. Science tells us more and more that people who are addicts are often put on that course by their underlying disease state and it is that disease that we must address in order to change the course of their lives. What must, however, become a conscious choice is rehab.

It is a rare phenomenon that an addict can change their stars without help. Occasionally in the absence of underlying pathology an addict can turn their life around by themselves. That is the exception not the rule. The rule is that addicts must be treated like any one else with a chronic disease state. They need help. and they need help within the structure of a well constructed treatment program. One that deals with every aspect of their disease and every aspect of their family.

Addiction never takes a day off but you have the opportunity to change its course.

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