Synergy – Cooperative Interaction Produces a Refreshed Website

Today Synergy Group Services is pleased to introduce our refreshed website. Yes, we now know that a lot of cooperative interaction produces a refreshed website. We invite you to visit and take a look around. Why not check out some of our enhanced features:

We like to think that updating our website is sort of like redecorating our home, making it easier for you to visit and get to know us. As our Executive Director, Barry Wolpert, says: “We are a family/physician owned and operated addiction treatment center dedicated to focusing on each client as an individual. The foundation of our philosophy is to provide dignified care based on a multi-modality treatment approach utilizing key components of Traditional (12 Step), Holistic and Alternative Therapies to achieve a positive synergistic outcome for our clients…We take very seriously the responsibility of treating clients entrusted to our care.”

We would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think and how we can help you. Remember “we have been there as a family, now let us help you with yours.”

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