Synergy Goup Services; A New Treatment Paridigm

We at Synergy Group Services have had almost 20 years of dealing with the disease of addiction at times as patients, and as family members. Addiction has touched our lives in the “first person”. This experience is invaluable when our attention is directed towards helping our clients move forward to their own recovery. Studies show that parents who remember what it is like to be a child have fewer conflicts with their children than those who have no such memory. Placing ourselves into the shoes of those around us makes all of us more understanding; more forgiving; more real.

We now live our lives primarily in the “third person” as therapists, administrators, and physicians. but we never forget what it is like to have been there in the first person. This uniquely qualifies us to care for everyone who has experienced the many faces of addiction. Whether you are a patient or a family member or just a significant other, there are all sorts of obstacles that you must hurdle to achieve recovery. Perhaps one of the most significant obstacles is embarrassment. Embarrassment that leads to cover-up and excuses. embarrassment that hinders recovery because you can’t fix what you are not willing to uncover or reveal. We have HEARD all the excuses. We have USED many of the excuses.

Addiction touches more lives than any of us will ever know. The challenge is to get it out in the open so that everyone can heal. Not just the person who is addicted but everyone he or she has ever touched in a meaningful way. We will help you find the answer to the questions “Why do I use?”, “Why did they do this to our family?”, “How can we find help?” It all stats with honesty and openness. All of us have had our issues. We must relate to each other in the “first person”

Are you embarrassed? Are you afraid? Do you feel alone? Your NOT. Get over it. Get help. Tell me how we can help.

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