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Eating Disorder Recovery Rate Higher Than Previous Reports

According to one recent estimate, 30 million Americans will develop an eating disorder during their lifetime. And, it can take many different forms including anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating and other variations of disordered eating patterns.

But, according to a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, there is hope. Scientists investigated recovery rates over time and followed up with 176 patients 20 to 25 years after their initial diagnosis. They found that that nearly two-thirds of research participants who received treatment did eventually recover. (Previous research suggested that only 50% of patients recover.)

“The findings inspire me to remain hopeful in my work as a clinician with these patients,” said Kamryn Eddy, an eating disorder researcher and the study’s lead author. “Participants received all types of treatment, including outpatient individual, family, and group therapy, inpatient and residential treatment, nutritional counseling, medications and medical care,” Eddy said.

While this study suggests that individuals facing an eating disorder diagnosis can make progress with treatment, it does support the need for continued research to better understand the biology and genetics of the disease. Armed with that information, the treatment community can continue to improve recovery rates and lower the risk of relapse.

5 Common Symptoms of Eating Disorders

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food? If you answer Yes to one or more of the following questions, contact Synergy Group Services for information about our comprehensive Florida eating disorder program.

(1) Do you often eat alone because you want to hide how much or how little you are eating?

(2) Do you often avoid social situations where you know food will be present

(3) Do you make yourself vomit or abuse laxatives in an attempt to avoid weight gain?

(4) Do you often exercise compulsively, going to the gym multiple times each day?

(5) Are you addicted to stimulants to suppress your appetite?

Florida Eating Disorder Treatment

The eating disorder program at Synergy is a designed treatment program that includes assessments and treatments addressing dietary and nutritional issues as well as issues of denial and powerlessness, and loss of control. Call (888) 267-8070 or contact us online.

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