The Addict That Should Have Listened

Many years ago I was sent to a drug rehab facility in Florida, at the young age of sixteen. There, I wasn’t sent by my parents and of course I thought I knew everything there is to know about everything. I was full of life, a parents dream. I was good in sports, had many girlfriends and was on my way to growing up healthy and happy, which is every parents wish. There was a couple of other things aside of the drugs, I was also cocky and thought that my ability to play sports and manipulate others would get me through everything. It was on Junior year in High School that I hit the wall of addiction.
I was in treatment for four long months and was taught many things but most importantly I was told that if I didn’t improve my attitude and changed my behavior I would be back, that is if I was lucky to survive because people died from this disease. I could end up in jail or another institution for the rest of my life. Twenty years later I learned that I have gone through more than anyone my age has gone through. I have been in jail and several institutions, nearly escaped dearth several times, lied, cheated and stole from myself and family, only to let them down time after time. I have been homeless for months on end, and have eaten from dumpsters in order to survive, but most of all I lost my self respect but more than anything I lost my dreams and hopes. That is what drugs do to you.
So what is the moral of my story? If I should have listened it would have saved a lot of pain.

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