The Common Link of Addiction

The one thing that is heard over and over from people with an addiction is that beginning at a young age they never felt like they fit in. They describe it as “not feeling comfortable in one’s own skin”

As a result of feeling like an outsider these individuals suffer from very low self-esteem. They begin to use alcohol and drugs as a way to cope with the fact that they do not feel good about themselves.

Many people admit to using drugs and alcohol at a young age to help them feel more comfortable in social situations. Many report that using drugs and alcohol in social situations can make them feel more confident. Some find themselves to be more outgoing and report that using substances allows them to be more assertive when it comes to approaching members of the opposite sex.

Increasing one’s self-esteem is a key component in the recovery process. Individuals need to get to a place where they become comfortable with who they really are without the use of substances. Most addicts have many things during the course of their addiction that they are ashamed of. This shame and guilt does not help the negative self-image that they already have about themselves.

Can you relate to “not feeling comfortable in your own skin”? do you use drugs or alcohol to feel more comfortable in social situations? If so, tell use about it.

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