The Cost of Meds vs. The Cost of Rehab

Recovery does not come cheap. Financially, emotionally, and even physically there is a huge cost that must be paid in order to complete the transition from addiction to recovery. The financial burden is often one that is very difficult for the family and client to bare. Rehab is expense. Even an average program can cost up to a thousand dollars a day. Unfortunately cost does not in any way equate to quality. You don’t always get what you pay for and I will save the discussion of how to pick the right program for another day. for now let it suffice to say that to pay for one treatment program is hard enough; to pay for more than one is almost impossible.

That being said it is imperative that any addict do whatever they can to prevent relapse. In many instances that means taking your meds!! Yet too often I hear that meds are expensive and patients can’t afford to take them. the reality is that patient can’t afford not to take them. In most instances between the cost of generic medications and generous patient assistance programs, drugs have never been more affordable. Every pharmaceutical company has very liberal patient assistance programs that provide free medication. But even with all that a monthly supply of medications can cost $200-$300. That is a lot of money. yet it is still cheaper than rehab. If you don’t take your meds you are destined to relapse. It is not a possibility. It is a reality.

Rehab is expensive. Relapse is more expensive. Take your meds.

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