the perfect place when you’re in a bad “place”

“Like a bridge over troubled water…”. That’s the way Simon and Garfunkel described it. It is the help that we can provide to those who are in need. When you are in the depths of addiction there is virtually no way to get out by yourself. crossing those trouble waters requires a helping hand. A hand that understands addiction in every way–Science, dynamics, family issues, personal and legal problems. A hand that will not be judgmental. A hand that has faced addiction and all that it has to throw at you.

At Synergy Group Services we are all those things. We are a physician owned and family run rehabilitation program in West Palm Beach, Florida. We have experienced addiction as a family and have dealt with every aspect of addiction on both sides of the fence. Now we live on the side of recovery as therapists, administrators, and physicians ready to give state of the art care not only to the addict but to their loved ones as well.

We believe that we have a unique approach to addiction therapy not only because of our background but because of our philosophy as well. We blend the elements of “12 step” with Holistic therapy to ensure that we give our clients every possible opportunity to succeed.

Call us and find our how we can help your family when someone you love is in a bad “place”.

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