Those who can– do; those who can do it better–Teach

Remember the saying,”those who can, do…those who can’t, teach…and those who can’t teach, teach gym”.

It is not true. In fact it is rarely true. The truth is that those who teach are truly often the most intelligent and insightful. When looking for a doctor, for instance, look for one that is actively involved in academic medicine at the same time that they are maintaining a private practice. This is the balance that represents the best of both worlds. A physician who is best qualified to care for his patients is one who has blended the academic world with the real world.

We spoke on an earlier page in this blog about how addicts who are able to truly achieve recovery are those who can walk away from the world of addiction including meetings. However an addict who is able to revisit that world as a teach or a therapist often offers special gifts. They speak the voice of a survivor. They bring with them insights that a non-addict can never achieve or relate to. It may even be important to maintaining their own recovery. Every time one teaches–one learns. No matter who you are or what you are teaching. And so many addicts have the opportunity to maintain their own sobriety and keep learning every time you teach.

You don’t have to be a therapist to teach. Sponsors teach. At least the good ones do. alumni teach. Never turn down the opportunity to give back to a program by going back as an alumnus and telling your story. there is a lot to be gained by the people in that program by hearing the story of someone who not only made it out, but made it all together.

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