When your Doctor Srews Up

Bad things happen. many times they are outside our control. Often patients ask me, “Why did this happen to me?”. Many times the answer is quite simple. Bad luck.

Unfortunately for many patients that bad luck continues when they step into their doctor’s office. Many of us have long held to the notion that all doctors are created equal and that the profession is filled with many competent and intelligent people who are all equally qualified. Not true. Unfortunately many doctors do not all practice the same level of care. There are many very competent and thought leading physicians and there are many who are not. How do know which one you have. You don’t. And you almost never will until it is too late. Checking their credentials will not help. Checking their academic background or board certification will not help. Checking to see if they have ever been sued will not help. Asking your neighbors will certainly not help. Nothing will help. It is really just luck.

When a doctor screws up, bad things happen. Just ask Stephanie. Her true story blog appeared earlier on these pages. Stephanie had all the classic signs and symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. But her doctor missed it. Missing bipolar disorder can be catastrophic and I am certain that in this situation it directly lead to Stephanie becoming an addict. If it had been recognized earlier I firmly believe that Stephanie’s life would have been drastically different in a very powerful way.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your doctor and ask questions. The smart and confident ones will welcome the questions and answer them thoroughly. the bad ones will be insulted and will blow off your questions.

A good doctor will save your life. A bad one may destroy it.

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