Why keep lying??

Honesty is the best policy. Sounds very black and white. Once you have entered treatment there is no more grey when it comes to honesty. There is no point in lying. There is no benefit. Everyone losses when the addict enters treatment and continues to lie.

The addict will give many reasons why they feel that telling the truth does more harm than good–afraid they will hurt their family is the most common–, but the reality is that they are just trying to protect themselves. The truth is however, that a lack of honest means that recovery will never be achieved.

Until you are ready to be honest you are not really ready for recovery. Whether you used 6 bags a day or 12; it doesn’t matter. Whether you used 10 roxi’s a day or 15; it doesn’t matter. Continuing to deny that you hocked a family heirloom means that forgiveness will never come. With honesty comes forgiveness and with forgiveness comes starting over. It is when you and your family are ready to start over with a whole new clean state that recovery has a chance. That can never happen without honesty.

Perhaps most important if you can’t be honest with yourself then you can never face your demons it if you don’t face them—THEY WILL WIN. And you will lose!

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